How to order a Custom Wedding Cake

1. Wedding Details: Indicate Wedding date, venue & collection or delivery. Please select the area closest to your venue. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and most public holidays, delivery can be arranged for the previous morning. If we are unavailable for your wedding date, we will refund your payment.

2. Size/Portions: Select the look and size you are going for. Cake sizes are not to scale, but only for the purpose of seeing the ratio between the height and the width of the tiers. Prices are for round buttercream cakes only.  (Fondant can be added in step 3.) You will be required to insert a link to your required design.

Order a Cake Tasting Box

3. Frosting Style: You are able to customize almost any style we have displayed according to your colour scheme, please paste a link to a picture of the colour/s. (Open the PANTONE Colour Finder in a new window for easy access while shopping.) 

4. Decorations: You will be able to customize colours.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to go through ALL the steps. If you only add the cake and don't select the appropriate frosting style, decorations or delivery, you will have an inaccurate cost of the cake and we will have to add additional costs later on. We are only obliged to fulfill the order as selected and paid for and are not obliged to add any decorations or styling as described in the comments or displayed in a link if the appropriate items was not also added to the cart.

Step 2: Size

Step 4: Choose Decorations

Step 5: Procede To Checkout & Complete Order

Click on cart and proceed to payment



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